Ghostwriter and digitization

Ghostwriter and digitization

Digitization is a phenomenon whose effects are as easy to underestimate as overestimate. The inflationary use of the term creates more ambiguity than clarity.

Great potential

In general, it is part of the job description of the academic ghostwriter to keep up to date with current developments. Especially technical trends that will shape the working world of the future offer an important field of activity here. For these are processes that are at the center of economic interest; Where great potential for optimization and therefore savings and efficiency exist, a lot is invested, thought through and written, both in-house as well as in the external presentation and marketing.

The goals of the companies

Corporate customers are keen to exploit the potential of new technologies quickly and efficiently, borrowing external methodologies and external knowledge more frequently than in the past; Ghostwriters are no exception. They have the ability to quickly and accurately capture and report on the current state of science, and have the skills to distinguish technical knowledge from mere PR vocabulary.

Digitization for all ages

Digitization is such a complex phenomenon that it is almost impossible to make sweeping statements; Only in connection with a specific industry, the contours of the digitization processes come to light; If the medium-sized company is already happy to curb the flood of paper in the office, large companies are faced with massive optimization processes aimed at faster and more accurate processing of data. Communication is simplified, customer data is extrapolated with increasingly sophisticated methods, and clearly defined decision-making principles for the company strategy are delivered. For this reason, no competing company can afford a permanent waiver.